Welcome! Let Me Introduce Myself

This is my first article. I want to introduce myself!


Hi and Welcome to my blog! 😊

I’m Riccardo Nalesso and I created this blog in order to share my daily adventures and the most important experiences. I don’t know how often I’ll publish the contents, but I’ll try to do my best!

I’ve been working in IT since 2016. Yeah, it’s not a lot, but in our industry if you are smart, passionate and you want to grow, in 7 years you can learn TONS of stuff, trust me 😉
During the last year of High School (2011-2016, in Italy it takes 5 years by default) with our teacher, we started to learn about Cisco CCNA and we followed the official CCNA course thanks to a special partnership between the school and an Italian Cisco Academy. The course was huge and very interesting. I started to practice with Packet Tracer and created my first small topology (thanks router-on-a-stick ). 😊

This is me, a young (yeah, I’ll be always a “young” guy" 😜 ) and passionate guy who wants to learn as much as possible. This is also the reason why I created this blog…I learned how to build my own blog and I want to share my experience, I hope that it can help other IT Engineers or someone else 😊
Moreover, I love sport and nature!

CCIE: The dream

When I finished High School I received a call for an interview from an IT company (Now they are a multinational corporation) based 5km from my home, they offered me a special path and they promised me to pay all the related costs.
Which path? From CCNA to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (the old name was “Routing and Switching”). They hired me in order to achieve the Cisco Gold partner level (company certification), which means having 5 CCIEs in the company.

After 4 months of studying, I successful obtain the CCNA certification and I was introduced to the NOC Team. (Un)Fortunately, after a couple of months, I moved from NOC to Delivery Team. I think that this change helped me a lot with my growth and it allowed me to learn more and more stuff.
During the following months I studied in order to obtain the CCNP certification, for me it was a huge goal. I knew how important was this period for me and my future, I continually repeat to myself: 💭

I want to build solid fundamentals, I’ll be payback in the future

🎯 I passed the three CCNP exams: Switch, Route and Tshoot and I moved my focus to the CCIE.

For those who do not know what the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure means, please google for it. In a few words, I can say that it’s one of the most valuable and important certification in the industry. Only few guys managed to obtain it…💡
It was the dream, I knew that I was hired for that and I didn’t want to disappoint the company. I studied every day, day and night, I followed some bootcamps with FastLane , called CIERS1 and CIERS2. They also provided me the access to the Cisco360 Platform. I had a CCIE instructor for 6 months who followed my journey and pushed me over.
So, after 2 years from the “day-0”, on the 27th of March 2018, I obtain the CCIE certification in Brussels, after an 8 hours exam. I can’t tell you exactly the feeling of that day, but it was incredible. I’m CCIE EI #58773 💪

From that point, everything changed. More responsibility, more international projects and new technologies.
I started learning about Cloud, SDN, virtualization and more.💻


After 5 years I decided to change the company in order to grow as a technician and as a person. This company gave me a lot to me but I wanted/needed a new adventure!
I work as Solution Architect for a huge Italian company and I’m focusing on SDN technology (Cisco ACI) and Datacenter/Campus infrastructures. The change brought me new energies and ideas! ☀️

Thanks for your time I hope that you’re enjoying my blog!
If you have some questions, please drop me a message through social networks!😊
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