CCNA DevNet - The Journey

Let’s start this journey! I procrastinated too much! 😊

CCNA DevNet, Why?

Why? It’s simple, I think that we are (the IT industry) going in a particular direction where you must know something about programming and automation, the next-gen Network Engineers must have these skills on their portfolios.
Moreover, since high school I have been interested in programming languages like python, C++ and more.

During the last few months I tried multiple times to start this journey and I created my first Python script to retrive some information from production switches/routers, you can find it into my GitHub account 💻 …. but I never thought about the certification. Now it’s time!

I don’t want to become an expert in automation or anything like that, but I do want to create solid fundamentals and simplify my job, reducing deployment time and improving myself! 😊


Today (06-03-2022) topics are divided as per the following criteria:

  • 20% Understanding and Using APIs
  • 20% Infrastructure and Automation
  • 15% Application Deployment and Security
  • 15% Cisco Platforms and Development
  • 15% Network Fundamentals
  • 15% Software Development and Design

You can find some general information here :

And more details here:

It’ll not be easy but it’s not impossible. I’ve some basic knowledge about programming and solid networking fundameltals 😉


I’m lucky, I have valid subscription for platforms like: INE , Pluralsight , CBT Nuggets and Safari . 😜
During the last couple of months I followed this course on INE , it helped and provided me with the fundamentals of Python3 required for Network automation.

However, I think that I’ll review some topics covered during that course and after that I’ll watch CBT Nuggets video regarding 200-901 certification . Moreover, I bought the official cert guide CiscoPress , I’m reading it and taking notes. I bought from them many books and I never regret them, they are well-written and focus on exam topics!


👉 Last but not least, the Cisco Developer Site ! Here you can find tons of info and join the community!

P.S: If you want to buy something from CiscoPress keep in mind there are some border fees if you are in Italy like me 😕

Hands-on Lab

I deployed an EVE-NG VM and uploaded a couple of images. The first small topology with some switches and routers is already up and running! 😉
Thanks to EVE and some real environment I think that I’ll be able to simulate and practice more than 90% of the exam content!

And the exam?

DevNet Associate Exam v1.0 (DEVASC 200-901) is a 120-minute exam associated with the DevNet Associate - Developer Certification. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the associate level in software development and design, understanding and using APIs, application deployment and security, and infrastructure and automation on Cisco platforms.

I don’t know when I’ll take the exam, the goal is to smash it before the end of the summer but you know…there are holidays, projects and personal stuff that may or may not influence my journey… but I’ll definitely take it before the end of this year! 😉

First (small) result

First (small) result after reading the first two chapters of the book: No more GUI, use BASH instead.

Track the “” file and push it to the remote repository:

git add
git commit -m “Publish second post”
git push

Track all the changes and push them to the remote repository:

git commit -a -m “Publish second post”
git push


See you soon!

Thanks for your time I hope that you’re enjoying my blog!
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