Cisco Learning Network - I Won the Member's Choice Award!

Great news, I won the Cisco Learning Network Member’s Choice Award!! 😊 💥

Twitter announcement:

Cisco Learning Network

“The Cisco Learning Network is a social learning community focused on the IT industry. The Cisco Learning Network’s mission is to provide learning tools, training resources, and industry guidance to anyone interested in building an IT career through Cisco certifications. The certification preparation materials offered on the Cisco Learning Network do not constitute a complete self-study program but are supplemental materials to enhance core learning programs.”

It sounds amazing, isn’t it?…. YEAH!!!
I joined the CLN in 2022 and I started by reading old posts/questions about my current interests (SD-WAN, ACI and automation) and the value of the information was HUGE, really.
After some weeks I published some questions, replied to other questions and more… I understood the power of the platform and I found some users also on Twitter and we texted each other talking about IT and more! 😉 My favourite thing about the Cisco Learning Network is the feeling of inclusion and mutual respect/help between the community members. Moreover, another key point is that you can learn things just by reading other posts or replies and following the discussion passively

Member’s Choice Award

But wait…what is it? ☁️ The Member’s Choice Award goes to an individual specifically nominated by other community members for their positive impact. Recipients will be determined from the list of nominees as submitted by fellow community members.

I really do not know who voted for me but I’m delighted! Apparently, my “job” (?) really helps someone and this is the reason why I decided to push myself through social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, this Blog and IT Community), it was my primary scope and this is my first “small” achievement! 😊

The Community

What I can say… It’s incredible, as simple as it is. I strongly recommend to anyone interested in this world to join Twitter and Cisco community (but also other vendors, focus on technology and not on vendor! PS. -Sorry Cisco 😅 ahahahaha -).

❗❗❗❗ ANNOUNCEMENT ❗❗❗❗ I’ll introduce a new section to the blog where I’ll add insightful blogs related to IT

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