2022 Review and 2023 Projects!

…What a Year! I am extremely happy about 2022 and am curious about what 2023 will be 🙌

2022 - What a ride!


Let’s start with 2022. It has been a wonderful year.
First of all, on January 31, I started my new work experience. I changed teams, supervisors, and methodologies. To be honest, the first few months were not easy, but thanks to competent colleagues and managers my integration went smoothly.
In my previous experience I used to go to the office 2/3 days a week, while now, thanks to the different view of work, I can work from home 100% of the time. This means that I can save several minutes/hours of travel time per day and can choose what to do with this “free time.”
By the way, once a month I go to the office, it takes 2-3 hours, depending on traffic (the office is located in Milan, a very chaotic and overcrowded city) and it helps me socialize with colleagues and supervisors.
Also, I see my former colleagues once/twice a month. I spent 5 years with them and we are friends even outside the work environment.
The new role is great, I spend my days designing new networks (datacenter and enterprise environments), helping colleagues during outages and the presales team with their meetings. I am also involved in the business side of a project, and I like it because you can understand and value your work (and of your colleagues).
I worked with huge customers and managed great infrastructures using cutting-edge technologies and lots of automation 😄


The second big change is this Blog. I am extremely happy and proud of it!
Currently (12/30/2022) 3k people have already visited the blog and related posts, it is amazing.
I created the blog to share as many experiences as possible during my career. I hope one day this blog will be useful to many people!
I know I am only writing about Cisco products and certifications, but at this stage of my career I am focusing on them. Maybe one day I will change, maybe no…. who knows 😊
In 2023 I hope to post more and with higher quality, we’ll see


I had given myself two goals:

  • CCNA DevNet
  • Implementing Cisco SD-WAN solutions (300-415 ENSDWI).

Fortunately, I successfully passed the second one, here you can find my thoughts on: https://thetechguy.it/post/11-cisco-sd-wan-exam...it-is-a-pass/
In the other hand, I had to stop my DevNet studies due to some personal problems, but in the last month I am studying hard and will try to pass it during Cisco Live 2023 in Amsterdam! 😏

2023 - What to expect?


In 2023 I plan to strengthen and improve my current job position. I am aware that I still have gaps and a long way to go, but I am ready to face this 2023 with the best possible spirit! The dream would be to pave the way for me to get a second CCIE by 2025 (try to guess which one and tweet/LinkedIn it to me!).
I would also like to help other people in their path/work, let’s see if it will be possible and compatible with my activities.


In 2023 I have set myself the following certification goals:

  • CCNA DevNet (Feb 2023, no more procrastination).
  • One cloud exam (AWS, Azure, GCP, in that order of preference 😜)
  • Cisco 350-601 DCCOR (Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies)

I don’t know when I will complete the second and third items, but I need to raise the bar if I want to grow 😄


It is now official: I will be attending Cisco Live 2023 in Amsterdam! 💥
It’s my first Cisco Live and I’m super excited about this experience. I’ll finally meet many people I’ve been exchanging messages/ideas/thoughts with on LinkedIn and Twitter, I’ll attend live sessions done by the best engineers in the industry, and last but not least, I’ll also see some dear friends!
Actually, I haven’t booked my flight and hotel yet, but I plan to do so in the short term… Hopefully 😓


As mentioned before, the idea for 2023 obviously is to continue to bring content here to the blog, trying to increase the quality and, if possible, the number of articles published. I can’t say for sure of course, but I will do my best to make that happen.


Thanks for your time I hope that you’re enjoying my blog!
If you have some questions, please drop me a message through social networks!😊
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