CCNA DevNet - Update

A quick update on my CCNA DevNet journey! 😉

Official Cert Guide

I finished the Official Cert Guide by CiscoPress.
Honestly, I found some chapters very interesting and well-written but others are extremely boring. Usually, when I prepare for a certification I used to read the book twice, the first time is like a warm-up and it helps you understand the big picture, the second one allows you to focus on the details and be more curious with some arguments.
With this book, I’ll not. I mean, too many API examples, and too many theory concepts. It’s okay, it’s an entry-level certification, but I need to do practice now because there are tons of stuff to test and explore. Maybe I’ll read it again but not now, it’s enough 😊
On Twitter I received a special comment on my post :

[…] API understanding is as important as understanding what a VLAN or Subnet are […]

I love it because it’s correct!
You can’t skip fundameltals, this is the key concept.

[Personal] Vote: 6/10
Why? Because I’m sure that it’s not enough in order to pass the exam

Resources: Update list

Ok, now I decided to follow the PluralSight course (I watched a couple of videos from CBT Nuggets course and I left it).
Some colleagues, who passed the CCNA DevNet exam recently, suggested me this course and also to do more practice with Python and its most famous networking libraries. I think that I’ll check Nick Russo’s blog to find more resources.
Moreover, I decided to use more the Cisco Developer site. During the last weeks I understood the importance of this site and its resources 👍

The road map is:


In the first article I told you that my goal is to complete it before the end of the summer… I don’t know if I’ll maintain that ETA or if it will take some extra months but I don’t care 😊
Actually, I’m not ready and I need more time in order to learn and build my DevNet future 😉

Thanks for your time I hope that you’re enjoying my blog!
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